Week 27 K/1 Newsletter


Dear Families,

We hope you found joy with loved ones as the weather warmed and signs of a new season peeked out this week. As we launch into our final months of this school year, here is some of what we are currently working on:
Persuasive writing and reading: In this unit we are studying books in which a character wants or claims something and attempts to convince an audience in order to get it or change their minds. Important components of this unit are choosing an audience and generating strong reasons to support an argument. Writers have chosen an audience, made a claim, and listed reasons, and they will also learn to write letters in this unit. As readers, they are identifying what different characters think and want, what their motivations are, and who their audience is.
In addition, our readers and writers are creating products in their visual arts time with Ms. Sara, and are planning commercials to advertise them in their performing arts time with Mr. Chris.
Some read-alouds we are using are:
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, by Mo Willems
I Wanna Room, by Karen Orloff
Earrings, by Judith Voirst
The Day the Crayons Quit, By Drew Daywalt
Have a sweet weekend,
The K/1 Team

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