Week 29 K/1 Newsletter


Dear Families,

As your child nears the end of kindergarten or first grade, here are some ways you can support him/her as a writer at home:
1)Make lists together. Invite your child to be a part of designing a meal menu and recording a grocery list. Perhaps you could make a “to do” list together, or a “favorite books” list. This supports your child in developing a main idea and generating examples that fit under that idea.
2) Have a written conversation with your child. This means writing a sentence or question, having your child respond in writing, and possibly going back and forth on paper rather than out loud. If your child is capable, this might go for several sentences (emphasize using complete sentences and punctuated ideas) If your child is still emerging as a writer of words, you could provide a prompt and make a space for him/her to complete the idea with a word.
3) Write a story with your child. Take turns brainstorming a set of characters, setting, and beginning, middle, and end for your story. Model how you stretch out words and listen to their sounds as you slowly record them on paper. You could tell the story in pictures and then create speech bubbles, labels, or comic strips.
We are excited to see so much progress from our k/1 storytellers and writers as they plan and record their ideas on paper. To get a clear idea of what is expected of your child as a writer by the end of the year, please visit the following website:
Scroll down to page 20, where Indiana’s academic standards in writing are outlined.
Have a great weekend, The K/1 Team

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