Week 30 K/1 Newsletter


Dear Families,

This week’s newsletter will focus on sightwords. Sightwords are those words that show up very often (they’re also called “high frequency words”) in everything we read as children and adults. Words like “come”, “and”, “was.” These words don’t always follow regular spelling patterns we learn, and we just have to memorize and recognize them in an instant when we read so that we’re not trying to figure them out each and every time. These are also the same words that show up in stories we tell and sentences we write, and so it’s important to know how to spell and write them correctly.
Here are some activities to do at home with your child to support his/her learning to read AND write sight words.
1) Practice writing a sightword. Then trace over the whole word again with a different colored marker or crayon. These are called “rainbow” words, and provide practice repeating the spelling and letters multiple times in a colorful way.
2) Play “memory match” by making pairs of sightwords on file cards, and then turning them over to play rounds of memory to make pairs again.
3) Build these words with magnetic fridge letters; necklace letter beads; letter blocks.
4) Go on a sightword “hunt” to find these words in familiar books.
Linked is a list of sight words your child should be able to read and spell in order to be on grade level as a readers and a writer by the end of the year.
(Click on the pre-primer, primer, and 1st grade lists)
Enjoy your weekend,
The K/1 Team
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