Week 31 K/1 Newsletter


Dear Families,

Our stories are well under way, with students bringing their scripts and narrations to life through puppetry and performance. Earlier, each student created characters with paper bags and craft materials, as well as a setting. Then he/she made and followed a plan for a plot with a clear problem and solution, using a narrator’s voice, as well as character dialogue, when writing the story on paper. Now we are in our final phase, rehearsing and acting these stories out in partnerships (students realized it was too difficult to hold a script, read it, and manipulate puppets alone) to be recorded if students wish.
Questions to ask your child:
-What happens in your story?
-What is an interesting word you use in your story?
-How have you helped another storyteller in your class?
-How have you grown or changed as a writer this year?
We look forward to sharing some artifacts from this storytelling unit at our end-of year Museum of Authentic Work (MAW)!
Safety/Warm Weather Reminders:
-Send your child with a water bottle to stay hydrated (no glass please).
-Send your child to school in shoes that are safe for outside play. Flip flops fall off easily and cause more injuries.
-Send your child with a light sweater/long sleeve as the A/C in the classroom can get quite cold.
Take care, and enjoy your weekend,
The K/1 Team

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