Week 32 K/1 Newsletter


Dear Families,

Last week we began a brief investigation into what schools long ago might have looked like, and how schools in the past compare to our school now. In addition to examining old photos, we are also reading books about schools in other cultures and parts of the world, and have looked at photos of our own school building’s changes over time.
We are currently making more conscious efforts to integrate play and enjoy an additional morning recess as we head into the last few weeks of school. While the end of the year is full of culminating experiences in many ways, it is also a time when we find we need to return to basics: remembering and practicing how to be kind, how to listen, and how to work together. We are returning to more play-based opportunities – much like at the start of the year – to provide this explicit instruction on social skills, and to give students chances to enjoy each other and build confidence working with peers.
We are also anticipating Ms. Alanna’s transition to being a mom, and know that any day now she might have a baby. Like we shared earlier with you, we look forward to welcoming Ms. Caitlin to our K/1 teaching team for the remainder of the year, and are confident that this will be as smooth a shift as possible.
Enjoy your weekend,
The K/1 Team

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