Week 33 K/1 Newsletter


Dear Families,

For the final weeks of school, we are returning to favorite read-alouds from the year that we crave hearing once again. Some favorites, such as The Lorax and The Book Without Pictures, are ones that students have brought to share from home, but that we do not in fact own as a class. We’d love to have a few copies of these books to put in our students’ hands next year as they seek “old friends” to reread for pleasure. We welcome any donations of these books to our class, as well as any magnets you’d be willing to share.
On Tuesday we enjoyed walking to the Waldren Arts Center to watch the 6/7/8 students perform several Greek myths. The majority of musical scores were created, composed, and performed by students, and our K/1 children were mesmerized by the spectacular show.
Field Day at Ms. Sara’s Farm!
Next Thursday, May 28th our class will be going to Ms. Sara’s farm for our annual end-of-year frolicking escapade. This has always been a wonderful time for students to come together and play, run, hike, and be with friends outside. More information will be sent closer to the time.
Questions to ask your child:
-What is something you are practicing to do this week as a mathematician?
-What is something in math that is feeling easier for you this week?
-What do we have in our fridge/kitchen that comes from an animal?
-What are you most excited to do at Ms. Sara’s farm for field day?
Have a great weekend,
The K/1 Team

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