Week 35 Newsletter

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Dear Families,

Each week our students spend a stretch of time on Monday mornings with Ms. Gracie, who leads us in breathing and mindfulness exercises. The purpose of this time is to practice listening with our whole bodies, focusing on and feeling our breath, and calming ourselves so we can do this in times of stress and excitement.

This week we thought of kind words to say to ourselves, and also made a kind wish for someone else in our class. Then we looked across the circle, made eye contact with the person we wanted to direct our wish toward, and sent that kind wish to him/her with a smile.

Over the course of the year, we have made great strides in looking clearly and openly across our morning meeting circle to make a connection with a classmate. While initially, we often greeted a close friend, or the same person over and over, now our students can name more than one person each morning who stretches their friendship, and with whom they feel less familiar. When students hear that another child across the circle wants to connect with them, their bodies noticeably lift, and their faces beam…

We look forward to seeing you at our Museum of Authentic Work this coming Wednesday, June 10th.

Take care,

The k/1 Team


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